Wigs & Hair Donation

Putting smiles on the faces of children

There are many children without hair due to medical reasons. Some of these children are undergoing cancer treatments, or have other medial conditions such as Alopecia, Lupus, Trichotillomania, Hydrocephalus, or Head Burns. With the help of our supporters, we are putting smiles back on the faces of these children.

With the generosity of our community and our sponsors, these children receive wigs.

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Donate your wig
Send us your gently used wig and we’ll give it to a person who is having trouble affording a wig. Just mail your wig to our salon, and include your contact info so the wig recipient can thank you directly.


Donate your ponytail
Mail in your hair, or have it cut in our salon at no cost, and we’ll use it to make a wig for someone in need. Your hair must be clean, dry, and at least 12″ long. It may be colored/permed (but not over processed or bleached). Secure your hair in a tight ponytail with a holder (or rubber band) at the top/center and cut. Place it in a Ziploc bag and mail it.

donate your ponytail

Please call reception at (212) 249-8866 to book your complimentary haircut.

Donate financially
All donations are saved until we can purchase a wig for a child. At the $500 level, you sponsor a child with a 12” human hair wig and become their “Hairy Godmother”.


It feels good to give, says Andrew DiSimone. When you know that you helped put a smile on the face of someone going through treatment, it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Especially if the wig is just siting in a closet.