Healthiest and lightweight hair extensions leaving your hair free flowing

Brazilian knot extensions (aka Italian knot extension or elastic fusion) are popular in both Brazil and in Europe, and is making its way into top hair salons in New York and around the country.

Used to add color, volume, length or bangs to your own natural hair, Brazilian knot extensions are attached using a special threading technique. A thread is wrapped around your hair shaft at the root, and strands of hair are added in one strand at a time. At HairPlaceNYC, we use 100% Virgin Brazilian hair for your Brazilian knots.

Brazilian Knot Extensions are the Healthiest Extension in the World.

This technique requires skill and patience, but when done right the extensions are undetectable. They do not require links or rings that cause stress on the hair, or harmful bonds to hold the hair in place – all you need is a string. In addition, the strands are smaller and lighter then weft extensions, so there is less traction loss at the scalp compared to cornrow braids.

Servicing your Brazilian Knot Extensions: As with most extensions, a servicing is required every 2-4 months. Removal can be done at home by carefully snipping off the elastic thread on each strand.


  • Light-weight and lets your hair breath
  • Relatively no damage to the hair
  • No harmful bonds or substances
  • No links that cause stress to your hair
  • Undetectable if done right


  • Time consuming and more expensive
  • Not every hair stylist can perform
  • May cause tenderness at scalp