Easy to style, more flexible, free-flowing natural finish, and can be applied to your hair fast and easily

Cold fusion hair extensions are a gentler version of the hot fusion technique, and don’t require heat. Though they are more expensive to apply, you will absolutely save on your next service- we loosen the cylinder and slide your extension up to the original location, reusing the hair many times.

Our hair stylists go through a vigorous training and certification program at HairPlaceNYC. Considering why you want to wear extensions, your budget and time, they will consult with you one-on-one and help you choose the best application method, hair density, length, volume, color, integrity and location. So stop by our salon in New York City – we will help you choose the best method and give you great, healthy looking hair.

How To Apply: Cold Fusion is a method of extensions where you attach a “strand” (50-75 pre-keratin tipped length of hairs) to your own natural hair at the root via a tiny cylinder link. This link slides up the hair shaft to your scalp, slipped into it and compressed closed. There is NO GLUE used in the method of extension, and you can add color (or highlights) without the damage from chemical services.

The Technique: Strand by strand is a technique in which strands of human hair are applied at the root of your hair. A strand of hair has approximately 50-75 hairs to it, and there are 25 strands in a bundle. You can expect to use 3-5 bundles for your average extension. Strand-by-strand can be applied in a many different methods including hot fusion, cold fusion, micro links, shrinkies, and brazilian knots.

The Price: The average price is roughly $300-$600 per bundle of 12″-16″ hair, this includes the labor to apply them. You will need a service every 2-3 months for approximately $200-$600. Or roughly $4 per strand to service. The average extension is 3-5 bundles of hair.


  • Lasts between 2-4 months
  • Can be reused for over a year
  • Flexible, natural looking hair and very comfortable
  • Easily applied to your own hair
  • Adds volume or length, even on very short hair
  • Not damaging – no heat irons and bonds


  • Usually more expensive because you should buy good quality hair
  • Not ideal for brittle and fragile hair
  • Can not be applied to the top of the head