Adds length in a short period of time, and gentler than plain hair glue

Hot fusion hair extensions (also known as keratin extensions) are one of the most commonly used hair extensions method in the market today. Women prefer this technique because they add length in a short period of time and allow for a variety of hair styles including down hair, updo’s and high ponytails.

Hot fusion extensions are attached to your own natural hair with a heated keratin adhesive and a hot fusion tool. Our hair stylists apply the extensions strand by strand so the hair looks most natural and allows the hair to move freely. Hot fusion hair extensions take about 2 hours to install and last anywhere from 2-4 months.

The Keratin Solution

The keratin is a natural protein compound that is gentler and less damaging on your natural hair compared to plain hair glues. Our keratin solution is also durable and creates a more permanent bond. Most wearers find the solution unnoticeable.


  • Installation takes only about 2 hours
  • Lasts anywhere from 2-4 months
  • Great for a variety of hairstyles
  • Gentler, less damaging than glues
  • Unnoticeable, flexible, free flowing

  • Heat from bond causes some stress
  • Cannot be reused
  • Solvent must be used to loosen