Hair Replacement for Men

HairPlaceNYC hair salon offers hair loss solutions for men!

There is no doubt that men experience baldness and thinning hair, mainly due to genetics, health or environmental factors. With the right hair loss solution, men can conceal, reduce and in some cases, prevent hair loss – helping you look and feel your best everyday.

HairPlaceNYC specializes in hair loss and offers a variety of hair replacement solutions including their very own brand of hair pieces. Not only are you getting the best hair loss solutions – you’re getting from it from some of the best hair stylists in New York City.

We are committed to helping you feel more confident with your appearance by offering hair loss solutions specifically targeted to men. Check out some of the hair replacement options we specialize in because they are proven to successfully treat hair loss in men.

hair piece before-after

Hair Pieces for Men


Our brand of hair pieces that offer comfort, durability and the most realistic look. See why Andrew’s hair pieces are so popular.

Hair Transplants


We have helped thousands of people restore their appearance and confidence with surgical and non-surgical hair loss options.



Used by some of our very own hair stylists, Nioxin is the most popular brand for treating thinning hair for both men and women.



Topical shading is by far the best cover up for thinning hair & bald spots. Looks better, stays on longer, applies cleaner.

Laser Hair Therapy


Non-invasive cool lasers, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), enhances hair texture and density. In-salon services and in-home units available.