HairPlaceNYC is the best place for natural hair straightening in New York

We specialize in Brazilian Hair Straightening (also called Brazilian Keratin Treatment, BKT, Keratin Cure or Keratin Straightening). By applying a coating to the outer edges of the hair and flat ironing, this hair treatment will leave your hair smooth and loosen any curls or waves to a your desired form, and eliminates frizz. The end result is naturally looking straight hair, that a million times easier to blow-dry.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment Benefits

  • Leaves your hair silky smooth, soft, and most importantly… as straight as you choose
  • Not Permanent Lasts up to 2-3 months
  • Repairs damage to your hair and coats it to prevent further damage
  • Can be applied to ANY hair (premed, relaxed, bleached, colored, highlights)
  • Fast and affordable

The Process: Our Brazilian Keratin Treatment process is easy. We begin with a good shampooing to open up your hair cuticles and cleanse the hair with a PH balancing shampoo. We then coat your hair with approximately 3 ounces of the Keratin Treatment. We then blow dry the hair close to your scalp. Lastly, we flat iron your entire hair at high heat to seal in the treatment. The coating on the hair keeps it straight for 2-3 months.

That’s all it takes to walk away with beautiful, silky straight hair. So come and experience it for yourself.

Brazilian Hair Straightening – Before & After