From the #1 hair salon and wig store in Manhattan offering the best lace-front wigs!

We offer the finest European hair in our wigs, and have the largest variety of of human hair wigs in our Manhattan hair salon and online wig store. While the cap design and head shape are important, the quality of the hair is another factor. European hair has a finer Dinur (the thickness of hair) than any other type of human hair. It is silky, fine naturally soft and unprocessed – the type of hair most women dream of. It is generally collected from Russia in areas like Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus. We receive individual ponytails to ensure its virgin state, then craftsmen hand tie one-hair-at-a-time into our lace front wigs.

So visit HairPlaceNYC and try one of Andrew DiSimone’s European hair wigs and see what makes our wigs state-of-the-art. You get to try on a variety of cap designs that are lightweight and comfortable, while seeing what makes European hair so special. Also available as a Medical Hair Prosthesis.

Check out some of our European wigs by Andrew of New York

14” Park Ave Lace Front Stretch Cap Hand Tied

12” Rockett2
All Hand Tied Hand Tied Adj Straps

14” Rockett3
Curly Natural Root Hand Tied Adj Straps

10” Crown Plaza
Natural Root Hand Tied Adj Straps

14” Rockett3
Partial Lace Natural Root Hand Tied Adj Straps

16” Rockett4
Adj Straps Hand Tied